The Tourelle and its garden : a very unique place to discover

La Tourelle is located in the village of Bole (1’773 inhabitants), ideal place to get a peaceful an inspiring rest, 10 minutes from the main city of Neuchatel and 5 minutes from the Neuchatel Lake. The Tourelle is part of a family property, whose name is La Solitude. The village of Bole has some Celtic or Roman roots and was probably a useful stop for merchants or travellers who were travelling between the cities of Yverdon and Bienne. Some remaining parts of this ancient route can still be seen next to the property.

The Tourelle itself was built by Louis Kaufman, a watch business man in 1898, keen on the small valley of “Merdasson” (tiny river going through the village of Bole) and its natural faun and floral. It is said that he could spend days in quietly observing this natural diamond just by himself.

We would very much enjoy making you more familiar with this unique location, near the forest and next to gorgeous and still protected sites as the Areuse river gorge.
In spending a night in the Tourelle, you will go through a particular experience enjoying a nearly 360 degree view over the Swiss Alps, the Neuchatel lake, the forest….   


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